Friday, August 07, 2020


The search for missing persons with dogs is the working area of the IRG. We are a disaster relief organization, that operates with rescue dogs on a national and on an international scale. We are an organization that will offer our assistance to anyone for the search and rescue of missing persons.

We are specialized in the search for living persons under rubble after gas explosions, and earthquakes and also in the search and rescue of missing persons in area and water. In Holland the IRG is operating together with the police, the fire department and in Belgium we work together with the " Hulpfonds voor Ontvoerde en Vermiste Kinderen".


We train dogs according the latest standard of science. this means that we have dogs that are specialized to do one or at most two jobs properly! As a consequence of this the dogs can work with high level of reliability. In the IRG dogs are trained to search for living persons and dogs are trained to do cadaver search. When we are asked for assistance we always tell very clearly what the possibilities of our dogs are.


A missing person always generates a lot of sorrow for those who are left behind. Sometimes it can be in the interest of the research that no information about the search is published. That's why we are always very restrictive in dealing with media. We will only give information via press releases of the police and/or fire department.


Collapses and explosions of buildings do not often occur in Holland. Holland is not an earthquake sensitive country. Explosions do happen however as we have recently (2000) seen in Enschede. As one of the few groups in Holland however we are specialized in rubble search. Rubble search dogs of the IRG are trained to alert on living victims only. They are tested if they don't give false alerts on clothes dead animals and so on. At the moment we have about 8 qualified teams that can go in an operation in Holland and if necessary abroad!


It will be obvious that in a disaster area it is absolutely necessary that dog handlers have the knowledge to behave adequately. The education at the IRG pays very much attention to this aspect. Handlers are trained to recognize the collapse danger, to cope with stress and to apply first aid when needed. Dogs are not just trained to find a person in a clean and silent area, but learn to cope with noise, smoke and specially not to react on any distracting smells. Also the dogs are learned to cope with the stress of traveling in trucks, airplanes etc. As a consequence the education of dog and handler takes at least two years! The training of rescue dogs at IRG is absolutely dog friendly. The only talent a dog needs to become a good rescue dog is a proper amount of prey-drive and a stable character.


  • Qualified SAR-dogs
  • Cadaver search dogs
  • Water search dogs
  • Contact with forensic science
  • Research into the scent-complex of humans
  • Exchange programs with organizations abroad.
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